Vetery Services, is a company specialized in project management issues of concern to public health. Founded with the intention of substantially and scientific contribution to the cause of responsible and effective intervention on issues of sanitary interest. So he created a multidisciplinary team staffed by biological, chemical, Ch. Engineers and agronomists. for the study and analysis of every need of each of its customers.

Today, after years of applications and research, has a dedicated partner network in Central, Western and Southern Greece, applications research laboratory, special equipment, tools staffed with experienced and qualified staff, especially a large chain of clients throughout Greece, including among Prefectures, Municipalities, Industries, Hospitals, Hotels etc.

In philosophy prevail anthropocentric conception and always seek to protect humans from dangers that lurk and threaten health and safety.

The people of Vetery Services aimed at effective protection with respect to legislative and regulatory requirements, investing in research, education, quality and especially environmental protection.